Children of India: Photo Blog

Nearly always the second question I get asked in India (after the requisite “are you married”?) is – “do you have children”? Children are absolutely revered and adored here – in particular, I have noticed, by fathers who take a proactive role in the raising of children and are often seen playing fondly with their kids and holding them in their arms. I was enchanted by many gorgeous little ones on my trip. Here is a selection of the best:

‘Little Red Riding Hood’ – gorgeous little one in Vattakanal
An inquisitive boy peers over his father’s shoulder as he queues for the temple in Madurai
“Pretty in Pink”: little girl on temple bus outside Madurai
Tibetan children playing in the residency of the Dalai Lama, Dharamsala
“Three Sisters”: in Rishikesh
Schoolgirls in Kerala
This little Princess purses her lips in a small village outside of Hampi
Proud shopkeeper – I like how the pink in his T-shirt matches his hibiscus wares
Gorgeous little girl in the Isha Layam school, Kerala

These two cheeky lads wouldn’t stop following us in Kanyakumari

I love the look on this inquisitive little monkey’s face, peering from Isha Layam classroom window, Kerala

Giving this bonny babe a snog in Pondicherry

Here she is again – the most beautiful little girl in India at Isha Layam, Kerala


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